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INFINO® PBT ASF-9810FM for Automotive Head Lamp Bezel


INFINO® PBT ASF-9810FM for Automotive Head Lamp Bezel

Innovative Technology Applied to Automotive Lighting Material

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The Challenges

The demand for automotive lighting parts featuring versatile material properties such as excellent appearance, heat stability and high flow is on the rise as automakers are increasingly paying more attention to future-oriented automotive materials. Among lighting parts, head lamp bezel is particularly drawing strong demand among automotive manufacturers thanks to its excellent injection molding feature, post-processability and heat resistance. LOTTE Chemical has developed INFINO® PBT, ASF-9810FM, a top-notch material equipped with functional stability and outstanding long-term performances based on the company’s continued research and development.

The Solutions

PBT is widely applied to automotive lighting components that require a high level of technologies such as head lamp bezel, as it has the top-of-the-line features in terms of functional stability and long-term performance reliability. LOTTE Chemical’s INFINO® PBT, ASF-9810FM has excellent mechanical property, while offering good long-term heat stability. Even under the high temperature conditions, the material shows little degradation in its material properties, an advantage that ensures the long-term use. As the minimum temperature that can generate heat-induced distortion is high, the material maintains its form under high temperatures and high pressure.

INFINO® PBT, ASF-9810FM is designed to enhance productivity and cut costs as it provides reliable injection processability thanks to its improvement in minimizing mold deposit and gas. In addition to the excellent material properties of ASF-9810FM, LOTTE Chemical provides total technical solutions, helping customers to conduct various application and material property assessment from the initial development stage and reliability tests -- a set of optimal solutions aimed at offering high-quality automotive plastic materials in the rapidly growing market.

Key Features

• Outstanding material Quality

• High Flow,  : Excellent Surface Quality

• Excellent Gas Quality & Less Mold Deposit 

• Good heat stability

Customer Benefits

• Better Productivity : Improved defect rates 7~10% → 2.5~3.2%

• Improvement in the cycle of mold cleaning : decrease in the number of condition adjustment parameters and the amount of purge.

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