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starex® Flame Retardant ABS VE-0860 T for Electric Cable Duct


starex® Flame Retardant ABS VE-0860 T for Electric Cable Duct

Differentiated Quality in Flame Retardant Material Aimed at Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

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The Challenges

Cable ducts are essential to protecting electric wires and cables against external impact, moisture and fire. In addition to excellent electric insulating property, cable ducts require a wide range of material properties including good heat resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy and outstanding weatherability. In the cable duct market, manufacturers are focused on discovering new plastic solutions optimized for such material property requirements. 

The Solutions

Against this backdrop, LOTTE Chemical has developed starex® ABS VE-0860 T, a high-quality material that meets all the requirements of the cable duct market. starex® ABS VE-0860 T has not only excellent flame retardancy but also heat resistance and impact resistance, a set of features that differ from other products in the electric safety material category. 

In addition, starex® ABS VE-0860 T has excellent weatherability, showing a minimum level of discoloration and degradation in material properties caused by infrared rays. Compared to the existing materials, it is highly cost-effective in a way that helps customers reduce costs. 

starex® ABS VE-0860 T provides optimal material properties for cable ducts and allows for cost reduction. At the same time, LOTTE Chemical provides technical service to customers as part of its premium total solutions, based on the company’s excellent technological competiveness. 

Key Features

• High heat resistance, high weatherability and resistance against low-temperature impact 

• Offer differentiated advantage of excellent flame retardancy, compared with existing materials (1.5mm V0) →  Higher electric safety level 

Customer Benefits

• Cost reduction advantage : An estimated 5~10% cut in production cost compared with existing materials

• Excellent quality stability : Excellent quality ensures long-term use 

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