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INFINO® Gamma-ray sterilization PC MR-1005 for three-way stop cock


INFINO® Gamma-ray sterilization PC MR-1005 for three-way stop cock

Safe and Reliable material solution optimized for Pressure resistance and Operability

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The Challenges

Among medical products, the three-way stop cock, which regulates the flow and direction of liquid by opening and closing valves, is a product designed to control the flow of fluid. If this product cannot withstand the pressure coming down in three directions to a small hose, it may cause medical accidents resulting from breakage. Therefore, high level of pressure resistance is required to prevent medical accidents while an excellent valve operability is also needed to the extent of allowing for the microinjection of drugs. 

Additional requirements include excellent moldability for producing small yet complex structures, a variety of biocompatibility certifications needed for ensuring safety when the material comes into direct contact with blood, and the minimal discoloration and degradation of material properties during the gamma-ray sterilization process before the final shipment. All in all, we needed to develop a new material with all the necessary properties optimized for the medical products.

The Solutions

LOTTE Chemical’s INFINO® PC MR-1005 has strengthened pressure resistance and reduced the chance of medical accidents resulting from breakage, thereby improving safety. In addition, it comes with higher valve operability suitable for the microinjection drugs. 

The material has superior dimensional stability and moldability, ensuring injection stability even for complex structures. Besides, in order to prevent medical accidents caused by contact with blood while flowing through the material, the company has secured USP Class VI certification for the three-way stop cock, which is a step higher than USP Class V, and ISO-10993 (biological evaluation of medical devices) to ensure safety. 

INFINO® PC MR-1005 is a product optimized for the three-way stop cock in a way that reduces the degradation of material properties and color changes during gamma-ray sterilization while using non halogen raw materials.

Key Features

• Product functionality stabilized and improved.

     - Secured pressure resistance to prevent breakage

     - Secured valve operability for the microinjection of drugs

• Biocompatibility certifications (ISO-10993, USP Class VI)

• Superior dimensional stability & moldability

• Gamma-ray sterilization

Customer Benefits

• Product functionality stabilized 

    - Medical accident prevention rate goes up by 30% compared with existing products through increased pressure resistance

    - Operability for the microinjection of drugs improves by 20% compared to existing products

• Excellent dimensional stability and moldability → To ensure injection stability

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