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INFINO® Flame retardant PC/ABS NH-1033 for oxygen concentrator


INFINO® Flame retardant PC/ABS NH-1033 for oxygen concentrator

Material solution with both Functionality and Design for home medical products

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The Challenges

A home oxygen concentrator (also known as oxygen generator) is a medical device that concentrates air into purified oxygen for medical use in both healthcare and home settings. This product is required to have flame retardant property to prevent fire that may occur at the internal electric component for purifying oxygen, and impact resistance in case it may fall while being used on the go.

In addition, the product should come with a high-quality appearance that can be used at home, and a moldability for building intricate internal structures. Against this backdrop, we needed to develop a newly customized material with the necessary properties, high flame retardancy and impact strength, while meeting all the other customer needs. 

The Solutions

LOTTE Chemical’s INFINO®  FR (flame retardant) PC/ABS NH-1033 is a new material optimized for home oxygen concentrators.

INFINO®  FR PC/ABS NH-1033 has excellent flame retardancy (1.5mm V0) optimized for the heat environment involving the internal electrical device. In addition, based on LOTTE Chemical’s proprietary technology, the material comes with a right mix of high modulus and impact strength, striking a rare balance between the two important material properties. At the same time, the material offers  excellent moldability to ensure stable appearance quality and precise internal structures.

LOTTE Chemical’s INFINO®  FR PC/ABS NH-1033 is a high-quality material solution for home medical equipment which require not only high performance but also safety and aesthetic functions.

Key Features

• High flame retardancy(1.5mm V0)

• High modulus & Impact resistance

• Excellent dimensional stability 

Customer Benefits

• Excellent flame retardancy → Prevention of fire and product deformation resulting from internal device heat

• High modulus, Impact resistance → It is possible to minimize impact when the product is being moved

• Excellent dimensional stability & moldability → To secure injection stability

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