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starex® Flame Retardant ABS SR-0310FM for Automotive interior


starex® Flame Retardant ABS SR-0310FM for Automotive interior

Mixing excellent basic performance with interior color solution

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The Challenges

Automotive interior design is as important as its exterior that determines the initial impression largely because drivers spend most of their time inside the vehicles. Automotive interior materials, therefore, should be applicable to upscale design that can satisfy the majority of consumers. At the same time, such products should come with a wide range of material properties. Against this backdrop, materials for automotive interior purposes tend to incorporate diverse properties that are suitable for vehicles in different categories. For vehicles that do not require secondary processing such as painting, water pressure transfer or attachment of special sheets, interior materials are applied in their basic forms built upon on the injection mold involved. As a result, material properties and performances are the most important factors that customers consider when they select automotive interior materials. In particular, flowability and lightfastness are the most basic properties required for such materials.

The Solutions

As armrest and cup holder frame -- where window switch panel is located -- go through the injection molding process in diverse shapes, excellent flowability is universally required. In addition, the materials in question should be strongly resistant to discoloration and heat as they tend to remain exposed to the light of the sun or other sources of light in the long term, even though they are interior components.

starex® Heat Resistant ABS SR-0310FM is an automotive interior solution that is optimized to meet all the key material property requirements. It has improved its flowability and heat resistance by coming up with the optimal combination of SAN. It also comes with excellent lightfastness.

starex® Heat Resistant ABS SR-0310FM has better flowability compared with existing materials, which allows for injection molding in lower temperatures and shortens cycle time. The material comes in diverse colors including black, brown and gray in a way that offers more freedom in design.

Key Features

• Excellent heat resistance and lightfastness

• Excellent Flowability

• Diverse Colors Available 

Customer Benefits

• Improved Productivity & Cost-Reduction : cycle time reduction 

• Creating stylish basic color design 

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