Construction and Interior Materials

Premium materials solution for creating an upgraded living cultural space
Staron, which is artificial marble with outstanding machinability and natural texture to make a creative living cultural space, and Radianz, an engineered stone made with highly pure natural quartz to offer an eco-friendly and high-quality interior space, approaches the new market changes in creative manner with the premium construction materials of LOTTE Chemical, and it is striving to create a creative living cultural space for customers.

Outstanding Natural Beauty,
Locelain®, made from 100% natural minerals and raw materials, is a premium magnetic panel with high-quality natural stone texture, outstanding beauty and excellent durability. Locelain®, which has successfully resolved the functional limitations of natural stone and perfected the representation of its appearance down to aesthetic details, is a trendy architectural material suitable for crafting refined design options involving architectural exterior material, interior items and furniture.
Key Features