Styrene Product

starex® is the Styrene product brand of LOTTE Chemical, representing the company’s efforts to put together customer-centered technologies and know-how. starex® covers a wide range of product groups including ABS, ASA while offering high-functionality options available in its diverse lineups, in a departure from the conventional resin products.

ASA / Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate
starex® ASA, the material of choice when it comes to weatherability, has chemical resistance, gloss and processability,
as well as the mechanical properties of ABS.
As such, the material is often used for outdoor applications with long-term exposure to external environments.
Weatherability ASA
starex® ASA is a material of choice when it comes to weatherability and impact strength. To meet the global automotive industry trends, LOTTE Chemical has developed WEATHEX, new ASA WX series that comes with superior weatherability and design flexibility for exterior segments.In addition to excellent weatherability, WEATHEX has good impact strength and outstanding color fastness and gloss retention as well as dimensional stability, valuable features making it an ideal material in creating refined automotive designs and appealing exteriors.
Key Features