Construction and Interior Materials

Premium materials solution for creating an upgraded living cultural space
Staron, which is artificial marble with outstanding machinability and natural texture to make a creative living cultural space, and Radianz, an engineered stone made with highly pure natural quartz to offer an eco-friendly and high-quality interior space, approaches the new market changes in creative manner with the premium construction materials of LOTTE Chemical, and it is striving to create a creative living cultural space for customers.

the premium solid surface,
Staron® the brand of LOTTE Chemical’s premium solid surface, is largely embody of natural texture and color. Staron® the interior material with various colors and patterns can be processed in a curved, seamless shape and is easy to maintain which allows creative designs.
Tempest combines the elegant patterns of natural elements with the durability and workability of solid surface. These color choices have a degree of translucency that exhibits diamond-like particulate and the brilliance of precious metals.
The Staron Supreme collection contains trending colors that flow in natural rhythmic patterns. Inspired by nature with a contemporary design aesthetic in mind.
Key Features