Basic Petrochemicals

LOTTE Chemical has a vertically integrated, efficient production structure for high value-added products
used in construction, home appliance, and textile industries.

C5, a by-product of NC (Naphtha Cracker), was mostly sold for gasoline blending in the past as it was not easy to decompose or recycle.
LOTTE Chemical introduced the C5-based production process to the Yeosu Plant through the Isoprene Project, and
C5 was transformed into the raw material for high value-added products such as IPM, DCPD, and PIP.
IPM / IPM(Isoprene Monomer)
Isoprene Monomer(IPM) is a colorless and volatile liquid mainly used as raw material for synthetic rubber and adhesive products.
LOTTE Chemical began the commercial production of IPM, DCPD, and PIP in 2017 through the Isoprene Project,
which utilizes C5 mixed oil, to strengthen profitability of its business portfolio.
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