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INFINO® High Gloss PC/ABS/GF LS-1159 for TV PTC


INFINO® High Gloss PC/ABS/GF LS-1159 for TV PTC

New Alternative to Metal High-quality metal-replacement material for TV housing

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The Challenges

In the housing component market for TV sets, the dominant trend is focused on the metal replacement and ‘big-size & slim design.’ A host of TV manufacturers are making great efforts to develop technologies and optimal materials that are suitable for the trend. The needs for high modulus materials that replace metals is particularly high for Top Chassis parts -- so much so that global TV makers dubbed the part as “Plastic Top Chassis (PTC)” and are scrambling to discover the optimal plastics solutions. 

LOTTE Chemical is responding to the market demand with the development of INFINO® High Gloss PC/ABS/GF LS-1159 that comes with excellent surface and modulus, optimized for PTC part of  TV. 

The Solutions

TV Top Chassis requires the application of materials with excellent surface, heat stability and low shrinkage properties based on high flowability for metal replacement. 

LOTTE Chemical INFINO® High Gloss PC/ABS/GF LS-1159 featuring high flowability and processability provides better surface quality, gloss and is deep black color possible by minimization of GF protrusion. As LS-1159 also offers low linear expansion, it prevents cracks due to the difference CLTE and metal. In addition, the product secures excellent heat stability.  LOTTE Chemical provides customer-oriented technical total solution to maximize customer satisfaction. 

Excellent flowability of LS-1159 minimizes the friction between materials and molds. This particular feature is important as it improves mold-processibility and reduces the damage in mold, caused by lower pressure and slower speed linked to the thin-wall process.

In addition, it is built on the improved production process and assessment system, which enhances productivity, lowers material/system costs and allows for thin- wall design freedom through excellent surface quality.

Key Features

• Excellent Flowability & Processability

• High Impact Strength 

• High Gloss due to minimization of GF protrusion : Deep black color possible 

• Low Shrinkage 

Customer Benefits

• Improved Productivity : Minimization of damage in molds by GF 

• Excellent Design Freedom

• Applicable to metal-replacement plating products with high modulus 

LOTTE Chemical is taking rapid steps to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the surging demand among global TV makers for thin-wall and metal-replacement materials. The company is solidifying its position in the rapidly changing TV market by offering metal-replacement solutions with excellent material properties and outstanding services tailor-made for customers.

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