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Emotional Feeling Material Luminous LX Series for E&E


Emotional Feeling Material Luminous LX Series for E&E

Non-painting plastics exude Natural beauty

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The Challenges

A variety of electronic devices and home appliances are showcasing the dazzling sophistication and dramatic advances of technologies. Major set makers in the home appliance and IT devices industries are making efforts to piece together their cutting-edge technologies and the overall ‘product image’ to better communicate with consumers. Against this backdrop, they are increasingly keen to apply a range of materials to the surface of their products as a key highlight that draws the attention of consumers.

The Solutions

Advanced Design Team of LOTTE Chemical utilized its own tool ‘Six Arcs’ from META TREND and analyzed latest trends (Industrial Language) as well as Material Language, resulting in the development of a new emotive material ‘EF- Emotional Feeling’. This material comes with distinctive emotive sensibility in a way that enhances the ties between products and users. The development of the ‘Emotional Material’ by LOTTE Chemical accurately reflects the needs of set makers which are striving to adopt differentiated materials that positively appeal to consumers.

CIDT (Contemporary Industrial Design Trend)

‘6 SIX ARCs’   Six Design Languages that Express the Value of Design

• Simplicity 

• High-Tech

• Natural

• Complexity

• Low-Touch

• Cultural

LOTTE Chemical analyzed the purpose and material preference trends based on the meta trend data, which culminated in the accurate prediction for the emergence of ‘emotive material’ as a popular choice. Based on the analysis data, the Emotional Material project tailor-made for each customer was implemented.

As a result, LOTTE Chemical’s Emotional Material EF is being applied to home appliances such as air purifiers and air conditioners, and IT products such as laptop computers, printers and mobile devices.

Key Features

• Excellent Surface Appearance

• Good Heat & Light Resistance

• Good  Boss Impact Strength

Customer Benefits

• Non-painting EF Design Solution

- New surface treatment techniques & Improvement of Weld Line/Flow Mark Defects - The reinterpretation of existing materials and the combinations of different patterns   

work together to generate a wide range of expressions

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