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starex® Weatherable ASA WX-9300UV for Auto Mirror Housing


starex® Weatherable ASA WX-9300UV for Auto Mirror Housing

Achieving both excellent weatherability and surface design

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The Challenges

Automotive exterior materials are required to have excellent weatherability under diverse conditions such as snow and rainfall. At the same time, they should be capable of reflecting the latest design trends. Recently, customers are increasingly favoring refined automotive exterior design, which is fueling the demand for new material solutions that meet diverse conditions including material properties and design.

The Solutions

LOTTE Chemical has developed starex® ASA, WX-9300UV, a high-functionality material that meets all the requirements linked to high weatherability for the top three automakers in the United States (GM, Ford & Chrysler). The material also has excellent appearance, high flowability and dimensional stability. starex® ASA WX-9300UV is a high-quality ASA material for automotive exterior. It has a set of excellent material properties, including high weatherability, high flowability and dimensional stability. These properties help maintain elegant exterior design in the long term. Notably, the material with excellent weatherability is optimized for automotive exterior parts exposed to outdoor conditions over an extended period of time, ensuring a higher reliability in quality.

Key Features

• Good Surface Quality 

• Excellent Dimensional Stability 

• High Weatherability

Customer Benefits

• Excellent Material Quality 

• High Productivity 

• Excellent Aesthetic Surface Design 

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