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starex® Low Gloss ABS SL-0100 for Bus Interior Sheet


starex® Low Gloss ABS SL-0100 for Bus Interior Sheet

Non-painting Low Gloss Material for Bus Interior

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The Challenges

Automotive interior should be comfortable and reliable as drivers spend long hours inside their cars. Especially, the demand is on the rise for upscale and differentiated interior design for buses which accommodate a number of passengers.

The Solutions

LOTTE Chemical offers a material for bus seats. The product offers a reliable appearance quality, low light effects and diverse color solutions, while providing eco-friendly non-painting feature that has no adverse effect on human body.

LOTTE Chemical’s starex® ABS SL-0100 has a well-balanced material property as well as injection molding stability. It offers diverse color solutions and low gloss effects; no master batch process is needed. As a result, the material customized for bus seats provides a comfortable interior environment for bus passengers. In addition, the material’s non-painting feature means no harmful solvent is used, and its simplified production process is designed to help customers enhance productivity and achieve cost reduction.

Key Features

• Good Low Gloss without Master-batch Process 

• Paint Replacement & Various Colors Available 

Customer Benefits

• Non-painting Eco Solution 

• Cost Reduction through Process Simplification 

• Color Design Freedom & Good Surface 

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