Case study

INFINO® Low Gloss PC/ASA WR-7250H


INFINO® Low Gloss PC/ASA WR-7250H

Non-painting interior material offers elegant and eco-friendly production system

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The Challenges

Automotive interior materials are required to be resistant against

high temperature and high humidity inside the car body. At the same time,

the material’s capability of incorporating the latest design trends is one of the basic requirements from customers. LOTTE Chemical’s new solution comes with excellent material properties while supporting latest design trends in favor of non-painting and low light features.

The Solutions

LOTTE Chemical’s INFINO® PC/ASA WR-7250H is a non-painting low gloss material solution for automotive interior parts. The product is one of the materials optimized for adopting the latest trends in the market of automotive interior materials. The product combines PC’s strengths (resistance against impact and heat) and ASA’s advantage (excellent weatherability for outdoor applications). It has excellent durability, weatherability and stability against UV and moisture in the long term. In particular, the material is suitable for Overhead Console and Room Lamp. The material allows for an elegant matte design, while eliminating the painting process. It provides a soothing interior atmosphere to customers. Automakers, in turn, can get a great deal of benefits in terms of production efficiency and cost reduction.

Key Features

• Excellent Weatherability

• Good Impact Strength 

• Excellent Heat Resistance 

• UV/Moisture Stability 

Customer Benefits

• Excellent Matte Surface Design 

• Non-painting Eco Solution 

• Process & Cost Effectiveness 

• Excellent Long-term Quality Reliability 

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