Case study

starex® evermoin ABS ABF-0200HF for Bed cleaner


starex® evermoin ABS ABF-0200HF for Bed cleaner

New Bed Cleaner for Sanitary and Safe Daily Lives

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The Challenges

Plastic is a material that can be used in any fields and is closely related to human body. However, plastics are vulnerable to bacterial exposure and environmental hormones, such as Bisphenol A and phthalates. Bisphenol A and phthalates are detected in plastics and reveal the limitation of the use range. Thus, consumers started looking for a material that is equipped with antimicrobial ability, safe to the human body and environment, and can be used consistently in various indoor and outdoor environments.

The Solutions

By identifying the needs of consumers, LOTTE Chemical has developed a new antimicrobial material called ABF-0200HF. starex® evermoin ABS, ABF-0200HF is a material that can be applicable to products, such as bed cleaners which can be vulnerable to mites and bacteria, as it can maintain excellent antimicrobial ability in various living environments. This material can also hold a bacterial growth inhibition rate of 99.9%1) and superior fungal growth inhibition. It can also maintain the antimicrobial ability and high weather-ability at various daily environment conditions, such as light and moisture, and daily scratches with little changes in color for a long good as new look. Furthermore, it is also registered with the EPA which certifies there is no harm to the human body and environment. Thus, it is the optimal, antimicrobial designed solution that can be applicable to all spaces where clean and safe materials are needed in daily lives.

New Bed Cleaner for Sanitary and Safe Daily Lives

starex® evermoin ABS, ABF-0200HF equipped with antimicrobial Function, Safety, and Weather- ability

1) The proliferation inhibition rate of 99.9% or higher refers to a case in which the inhibition effects keeps the number of surviving bacteria to fewer than 1,000 (1/1,000) after test specimens go through antibacterial treatment in an an artificial laboratory environment where the number of bacteria can multiply to 1,000,000 (cultivation conditions: 35℃, 90% RH and 24 hours). LOTTE Chemical conducted the test in accordance with the aforementioned laboratory environment and conditions, following JIS Z 2801 (or ISO 22196) test method, at the FITI Testing & Research Institute, and obtained the results in which the proliferation inhibition rate was 99.9% or higher.

Key Features

• antimicrobial and anti-fungus

• Weather-ability and UV safety

• Free of hazardous substances

Customer Benefits

• Sanitation: 99.9% or higher inhibit rate of bacteria growth, antimicrobial ability maintained.

• Safe to the human body and environment

• Reliable quality with minimization of color change.

[Acquisition of antimicrobial performance assessment from a number of nations]

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