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starex® ASA WR-9700, ABS SV-0165 for Truck Cover Layers


starex® ASA WR-9700, ABS SV-0165 for Truck Cover Layers

Non-painting solution inspires fresh design concepts

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The Challenges

The proportion of pickup trucks in the global auto market is on the steady rise thanks to its excellent practicality and unique design amid the lifestyle trend in favor of outdoor activities. Recently, pickup trucks are shedding ‘cart’ image -- an open cargo box overflowing with heaps of packages. Instead, a growing number of pickup truck models are adopting deck covers designed to protect products in the cargo section. Customers also prefer SUV-like pickup trucks with active and sporty sensibilities for outdoor activities.

The Solutions

LOTTE Chemical offers a non-painting solution that allows for pickup trucks to adopt covers. LOTTE Chemical’s starex® ASA WR-9700 and ABS SV-0165 have excellent thermal stability and extrusion stability, enhancing the quality in the molding process. 

starex® ABS SV-0165 for core layer and ASA WR-9700 for top layer are suitable for pickup truck covers as both have excellent adhesive power for putting together layers. In addition, ASA WR-9700 for top layer does not need painting, which means it can adopt upscale design. Automakers, in turn, can get a great deal of benefits in terms of production efficiency and cost reduction.

Key Features

• Non-painting Eco Solution 

• Good Thermal Formability - No wavy pattern 

Customer Benefits

•   Good Flowability & Steady Extrusion Ability : Material quality in forming process  

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