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starex® Luminous ASA LX-9140 for Bathtubs


starex® Luminous ASA LX-9140 for Bathtubs

The Long-lasting Weatherability & Beauty

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The Challenges

In  general, indoor  and outdoor bathtubs  require  materials  with  excellent  durability, particularly against  water,  heat  and  impact.  ASA  materials  known  for  excellent  impact  resistance  and weatherability are widely adopted for bathtubs. Recently, the market demand for high-functionality ASA materials that come with improved material properties is on the rise as they allow for easier incorporation of design elements such as the combination of various colors and effects.

In particular, the material used for the water jet part -- where water gets pumped out -- requires a high level of impact strength and mechanical properties that can withstand the high water pressure, as well as great design freedom.

The Solutions

As more and more recreational facilities are built up, manufacturers of related items are making utmost efforts to satisfy customers, paying keen attention to the selection of optimal materials, among others. Bathtub makers increasingly demand a line of materials with high functionalities that enhance the function of each part and reflect the latest design trends.

LOTTE  Chemical  is  responding  to  the  market  demand  with  the  development  of  starex®  High Weatherability Luminous ASA LX-9140, optimized for water jet part. starex® Luminous LX-9140 comes with improved impact resistance and weatherability; its impact strength is also better than the existing product with chemical resistance; its Luminous feature allows for diverse colors as well as metallic-look. All in all, starex® Luminous LX-9140 is a top-notch material available on the market as it puts together excellent material properties and upscale design in a way that maximizes customer satisfaction with production & cost effectiveness.

Equipped with excellent functionalities, productivity and aesthetic advantage, starex® Luminous ASA is setting a new trend in the bathtub market, solidifying its unique position in the related materials market.

Key Features

• Outstanding Weatherability & Chemical Resistance

• Better Impact Strength compared to the existing

• Excellent Surface & Diverse Colors Available

     - Metallic-Look Exterior Effects for Various Applications 

Customer Benefits

• Upscale Design by Metallic Texture and Various Colors

• Reduction of Production Costs by Simplified Production Process

• Eco-Friendly Marketing Possible : Non-painting, Recycle

LOTTE Chemical

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