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INFINO® PC/PET AE-2130 for Auto Rear Upper Panel


INFINO® PC/PET AE-2130 for Auto Rear Upper Panel

Meet the strict technical requirement with the excellent performance

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The Challenges

Structure parts in cars tend to be big in size. To reduce weight of automotive body, automakers are focusing on structure parts. Simultaneously, major automakers are making great efforts to develop new structure materials in a bid to enhance appearance quality, production efficiency and price competitiveness. Particularly, rear upper panel, which directly impacts the rear part design, is required to have excellent dimensional stability in consideration of its functions. To meet such demand, LOTTE Chemical has been working on new materials.

The Solutions

Thanks to the continued R&D, LOTTE Chemical now offers a new material solution customized for rear upper panel -- a product that comes with excellent appearance and high functionality. LOTTE Chemical’s INFINO® PC/PET AE-2130 supports DOE optimized for injection molding conditions. In addition, it has excellent dimensional stability that minimizes distortion or deformity even in large- sized components. As LOTTE Chemical has upgraded post-painting appearance quality by developing an optimal talc filler content ratio, automakers can achieve higher productivity and better price competitiveness. Moreover, the solution reduces the weight of automotive body, eventually resulting in higher fuel efficiency.

Key Features

• Optimization for Filler Contents - Appearance defection rate down after   painting process & Weight reduction 

• DOE Support for Injection Parameters - Improved dimensional Stability 

Customer Benefits

• Part Design & Injection Freedom for Large parts 

• Productivity Up & Cost Reduction 

• Process Simplification & Lower defect rates 

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